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The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc. was created to support public schools' Pre-K through 12th-grade programs and initiatives that are not funded by tax dollars. Our mission is to fund the immediate needs of our District students and teachers and to be an advocate for positive change in the delivery of education in Putnam County. Business and community leaders serve on The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc. Board of Directors which oversees Foundation programs and operations. While we strive to work together with the Putnam County School District, we are an independent organization governed by our Board of Directors, Bylaws, and Strategic Plan

Chemistry Class

Putnam Grants for
Great Ideas

We seek to award grants based on projects that are substantive in content and have potential to make the greatest impact. The grant application must demonstrate instruction aligned with school, District, or state goals, a measurable educational impact, and the ability to be duplicated for ongoing and future implementation. We welcome out-of-the-box ideas.

2023 Putnam County
Student Scholarships

The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc. Scholarship Application 2023

The applicant is responsible for ensuring all items listed below are submitted to The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc., by May 31, 2023.​

  • Must use Gmail in order to upload files, otherwise please email requested files to (please include your name in all correspondence)

  • Complete and digitally sign this application.

  • Include one reference letter (via upload or email additional items to completed by your high school guidance counselor, an instructor, or a college professor (whichever is applicable). Other letters of recommendation will be considered.

  • Include your official high school or most recent college transcript. These documents will not be returned.

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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