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The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc. is comprised of engaged citizens who understand the importance of education to the future of Putnam County. The members of our organization realize that by providing education opportunities which allow our students to reach their full potential Putnam County will become the vibrant, productive community it is meant to be.

Our mission is to fill “gaps” in education, to identify worthy programs and initiatives that are not funded, or funded adequately, and to help further the goals of the Putnam County School District. While we work closely with the School District to identify areas where we can be of assistance, we are an independent entity. We make our own decisions about what we take on and how we can best serve the interests of Putnam County students.

Putnam County has motivated students who just need the tools to succeed. We can provide those tools. Support The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc. by making a donation today.

About: About Us

The Education Foundation of Putnam County Inc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the School District, county commission, or any other governmental agency control funds donated, or granted, to The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc.?” No. Our education foundation is an independent local education foundation (LEF).

What kinds of programs and initiatives does The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc. sponsor? Our organization was founded in early education and we continue to seek opportunities which benefit our young students such as early literacy programs. We have begun to expand our mission to include Vocational/technical programs which will help prepare students interested in learning a trade. The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc. awards classroom grants that benefit both students and teachers. We also award scholarships to Putnam County students. The only thing that constrains us is funding so please consider making a donation today.


Are any governmental agencies involved with The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc.? We are designated by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. Our organization is independent of any government agencies. We do, however, receive input from the Putnam County School District which helps us to identify programs and initiatives where we can assist Putnam County students and teachers. The Putnam County Board of County Commissioners and the Palatka City Commission are supportive of our education foundation.

Has The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc. been successful? Yes, it has. Our mission statement is “To fund the immediate needs of our District school children and to be an advocate for positive change in the delivery of education in Putnam County”. We have lived up to our mission by successfully providing funds for financially disadvantaged students to attend Pre-K, supporting other early learning initiatives, vocational/technical programs, implementing classroom grant programs for our students and teachers, and funding scholarships for our students. There are, however, many other areas of need exist where our education foundation can successfully provide assistance.


How does The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc. utilize donated funds? All funds donated to our organization are spent to benefit students and teachers in Putnam County. If there is a specific education area you would like to support your donation can be used for that purpose. Also, please remember that The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. Any donation of $250.00, or more, is tax deductible and we will be happy to provide documentation of your donation for the IRS or your tax professional.


How is The Education Foundation of Putnam County, Inc. governed? Our organization is governed by a fifteen (15) member Board of directors in accordance with our Bylaws, Strategic Plan, and Financial Controls. The Board of Directors is responsible for approving funding decisions as well as identifying programs/initiatives and funding sources. Day-to-day operations are the responsibility of our Executive Director.


How many children benefit from The Education Foundation of Putnam County? All of them. Even if your child doesn’t receive financial assistance, they, and all of us, will benefit from this “extra” year of school, better classroom behavior, better-prepared students, and better overall school results.


Donate or volunteer. To get more information about The Education Foundation of Putnam County Inc., View our website at TEFPC.COM, Email us at Info@TEFPC.COM

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